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 TBC Ambassador Program 

Travel Ball Church is excited to announce our Player Ambassador Program!


A TBC Ambassador commits to: 

- Love Jesus with all their heart, soul, and mind. (Matthew 22:37) 

- Always be willing to share Jesus’ love with others. before, during, and after the game

(Peter 3:15) 

- Be respectful of all teammates, coaches, competitors, fans, and officials. (Luke 6:31) 

- Consistently train not only physically, but spiritually.
(1 Timothy 4:8) 


Chosen Ambassadors will be awarded a custom 44 TBC Glove! This is a great opportunity to represent TBC by sharing our mission with others and unashamedly maintaining a Christlike witness on and off the field (Luke 9:26).

Our first round of TBC Ambassadors will be announced soon!

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